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Number of Digital TV homes set to increase by 1 billion

Based on forecasts for 138 countries, the number of digital TV homes is set to increase by more than 1 billion between 2010 and 2020 to 1.65 billion – or up by 180%, according to a new report from Digital … Continue reading

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Young people dislike social media displays on TV

Social  media and TV programming continue to develop strong bonds among young media  consumers — but many of those same young consumers aren’t all that happy when  networks become too involved with social media interaction. Findings from a new research study … Continue reading

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Amazon get ready to launch TV set top box

The jungle drums are beating loudly at the moment in the media industry that Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer is about to launch a new television set-top box for the streaming of internet video. Industry insiders are claiming that the … Continue reading

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Teenagers prefer to watch catch-up TV on computer

A new survey from YouGov in the UK has found that the majority of 18-24yr olds prefer to use a computer to watch catch-up TV rather than a set-top box. YouGov surveyed 2,148 people for FirstSource Solutions and found that … Continue reading

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10 ads that changed advertising

The following list of ten ads aren’t necessarily the best ever created (although most of them are very good), rather, they’re ads that changed the way the advertising industry thinks & works. 1. Gibbs SR / Gibbs / Young & Rubicam / … Continue reading

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