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2018 to mark milestone for Digital Video Advertising

eMarketer’s latest ad spending forecast is predicting that 2018 will see US digital video advertising setting new standards, growing nearly 30% to $27.82 billion and making up a quarter of all US digital ad spending. Of the key trends and … Continue reading

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Battle of the Internet giants – In Real Time

The link below details in real-time a visualization of data showing you just how much money all the big boys in digital are making. By the way, in the short 20 seconds that you’ve been on this page, these internet giants … Continue reading

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What does the “Internet of Things” mean for marketers?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a hot topic at the moment and one which seems to be in the mind if not on the lips of every marketer. But, what exactly does the Internet of Things mean, and more specifically, what does … Continue reading

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Who Owns Internet Connected Cars ?

John Deere, General Motors, and other automotive manufacturers have submitted comments to the US Copyright Office asserting that manufacturers still own connected vehicles even after purchase, and that the purchaser is only licensing the product. The Copyright Office plans to … Continue reading

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15 Fast Facts About Banner Advertisements

It is generally accepted that the first online banner advertisement appeared in 1994 and was for the telecommunications company AT&T. This ground breaking advertisement appeared on the web magazine site Hotwired. In homage to its 20 year anniversary, here are … Continue reading

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Online Grocery Shoppers Spend Less

One of the downsides for grocery retailers looking to shift their consumers to online shopping is that they are less likely to spend extra money on impulse buys. A new survey conducted amongst online grocery shoppers by the digital specialist eDigital … Continue reading

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How Men & Women Use Social Media Differently

It’s a universal truth that women are from Venus and that men are from Mars. However, did you also know that men and women use social media and mobile platforms very differently to each other? Study after study has shown … Continue reading

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The 7 Different Types of Social Media Users

Segmenting your customer base is one of the most powerful tenets of good marketing. At its most basic level, it helps brands to prioritise their marketing efforts as well as aiding a better return on investment. The explosion of social media has made it even more difficult for marketers … Continue reading

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Full-screen takeover ads drive higher brand recall, likeability, social shares and endorsements, study finds

Findings from a new study which surveyed the effects of various ad formats has found that Full-screen takeover ads are more likely to be shared on social channels and attract higher brand recall and recognition than other forms of digital advertising. The report … Continue reading

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Most popular Google searches for 2013

It’s almost the end of the year which can only mean one thing in marketing land- that it is time for companies to start producing various lists which helped to shape the preceding year. Google are no exception to this and … Continue reading

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