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McDonald’s launch a new takeout bag for cyclists on the go

McDonald’s has designed an innovative new takeout bag which is designed to hang from the handlebars of bicycles. Perhaps not suprising, the bag is named the “McBike Bag” and was designed by the advertising agency Tribal Buenos in Argentina. The bag is made out … Continue reading

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Meaningful brands beat the Stock Market by 120%

Consumers don’t buy products, they buy brands and according to findings from a new study by the French media buying company Havas Media Group, brands that are the most meaningful to individuals and communities make the most money. As part of the … Continue reading

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The importance and psychology of using colour

The use of colour in marketing has come a long way since the time when Henry Ford famously quipped that customers can have any colour of Ford car they like so long as it’s black. Colour is an important and integral part of marketing … Continue reading

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Apple is rated the most valuable brand for 2013

A new report on the world’s top 100 brands has ranked the consumer electronics giant Apple as the most valuable brand for 2013. According to the report, brand Apple was valued at $185,071m, just ahead of Google brand which scored a value of $113,669m. The BrandZ report is published annually since … Continue reading

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Ferrari takes pole position as world’s most powerful brand

No prizes for guessing that the tech giant Apple is considered to be the most valuable brand in the world, but did you know that Ferrari is ranked as the most powerful? The findings are revealed in the annual ranking … Continue reading

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