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McDonald’s launch a new takeout bag for cyclists on the go

McDonald’s has designed an innovative new takeout bag which is designed to hang from the handlebars of bicycles. Perhaps not suprising, the bag is named the “McBike Bag” and was designed by the advertising agency Tribal Buenos in Argentina. The bag is made out … Continue reading

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Coca-Cola creates miniature kiosks to help promote new mini-size Coke cans

Going on the premise that the medium is very much the message, Coca-Cola devised and ran an innovative campaign in Germany to help promote the launch of their new mini 7.5 ounce can size for Coke brand by installing a series … Continue reading

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Brilliant Campaign By Volkswagen To Remind Drivers To Keep Their Eyes On The Road

In order to highlight the perils of using a mobile phone while driving, the car manufacturer Volkswagen devised a clever and engaging approach to communicate the risks involved. Using a location-based broadcaster, Volkswagen sent text messages to the mobile phones … Continue reading

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Eyes on the prize – Novel promotion by Swisscom & Samsung

Swisscom, the major provider of telecommunications in Switzerland created a novel and impactful consumer promotion in order to promote one of the main product benefits of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. The new S4 phone has an inbuilt Smart Pause function which means that it … Continue reading

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