John Lewis launch their Christmas TV ad for 2014

It seems that the UK department store John Lewis has cornered the emotional market when it comes to Christmas advertising, so much so that the launch of their annual Christmas TV commercial is now something of a national event that is eagerly anticipated by the viewing public. Created by Adan&Eve/DDB and costing over £1 million to produce, this years blockbuster advertisement is over two minutes long and tells the story of a little boy named Sam and his penguin friend Monty.

The campaign was launched on social media today and is booked to appear on national TV stations in the UK from this Friday. The advertisement is booked to premiere in the Channel 4 show Gogglebox  which is a popular reality show which shows various groups of people around the UK actually watching TV.

In addition to their estimated £6 million TV spend, John Lewis have looked to amplify the campaign by creating “Montys Den”. The department store has partnered with Samsung using a series of “technology firsts” such as “Monty’s Magical Toy Machine”, which will enable children to take their favorite toys in-store and bring them “to life” using Microsoft “photogrammery” tech that creates a moving 3D image, and “Monty’s Goggles” which use Google Cardboard to give kids a 360-degree tour of a virtual Sam and Monty world.

Also, all 43 John Lewis stores across the UK will feature penguins in some form in their displays to carry on the campaign’s theme.

John Lewis Penguin





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