Coca-Cola creates miniature kiosks to help promote new mini-size Coke cans

Going on the premise that the medium is very much the message, Coca-Cola devised and ran an innovative campaign in Germany to help promote the launch of their new mini 7.5 ounce can size for Coke brand by installing a series of mini vending machine kiosks in five major cities around the country. The mini kiosks attracted a lot of curiosity and attention from passing consumers which helped to get across the key message. The kiosks may have been miniature in size, but they were very much real in that they had a real vendor inside them and that they also sold familiar newsstand items such as newspapers and sweets.


The novel kiosks were a huge hit with customers who were eager to purchase the mini-cans from the miniature vending machines while also posing beside the kiosks and the vendor to have their photograph taken. The kiosks were detail to the level that they also included a small set of table and chairs on the pavement beside the kiosks inviting people to sit down and enjoy their tiny can of Coke. The campaign included the tagline “it’s the little things that makes us happy”

For more details about the campaign, check out the video below:

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