Out Of Home Consumers are 33% More Alert

It may be generally regarded as the oldest advertising format in existence, but it seems that outdoor is not living in the past when it comes to delivering active and engaged consumers.


Findings from a new research study conducted by COG Research on behalf of the Outdoor Media Centre (OMC) in the UK has revealed that people in out of home situations have a 33% heightened state of alertness when compared with people in the home. The results found that a consistently higher percentage of those out of home claimed to be feeling “energetic and active”, and took action at a higher rate for outdoor advertisements compared to other media. For example, 23% searched for more information on a mobile device after seeing a recent outdoor ad, compared to 16% for other media.

The research study was quite scientific in its approach in that it analysed over 140 continuous hours of monitored skin conductance readings by 20 subjects who also wore eye tracking glasses throughout their day. Matching the skin conductance highs and lows to actions and places in their daily lives, the research determined that people are significantly more alert outside of the home than in.

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