Tesco launches facial recognition advertising screens.

The supermarket group Tesco has announced plans that it is to install new screens at petrol station forecourts throughout the UK which will allow advertisers to determine the age and sex of shoppers as they queue at its tills.

The futuristic screens contain facial recognition technology which allows advertisements to be shown to specific groups of people. However, the new development is not to everybody’s liking with many privacy campaigners complaining that the sites have gone too far, are too invasive and that they will effectively strip consumers of their privacy.

Cleverly branded under the name “OptimEyes” the digital display advertising system incorporates built in cameras above the till to monitor people before it in real time. This data stream is then made available to advertisers to allow them to discern how successful their campaigns have been and adjust it throughout the day. The OptimEyes system does not store images or recognise people but just works out gender and sorts customers into one of three age brackets.

More details on “OptimEyes” can be seen on the following video:

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