Young people dislike social media displays on TV

Facebook-HashtagsSocial  media and TV programming continue to develop strong bonds among young media  consumers — but many of those same young consumers aren’t all that happy when  networks become too involved with social media interaction. Findings from a new research study conducted by the American company Horowitz Associates found that some 44% of  online 15- to-17-year-olds find it distracting when networks display social  media comments onscreen, while 37% say they don’t even like the showing of hashtags on-screen.

The numbers are higher for  Internet/TV users overall. More than half (53%) of Internet users 18+ find it  distracting when networks display social media comments onscreen, and almost  half (48%) give a thumbs down for displaying hashtags. Overall, social  media TV-related activity continues to grow. Nearly one-third (30%) of online  15- to-17-year-olds and one-quarter (25%) of 18-34 adults post comments to  social media sites occasionally about the shows they watch. This is much  higher than those 35+, where only 10% post occasional comments to social media  sites concerning TV shows they watch.
For those TV networks and marketers  concerned with social media activities in real-time: 26% of viewers 15 to 17  post TV comments at the same time they are watch TV shows. This compares to 17%  for 18-34 viewers and 6% of those 35+.Discovery of new shows, which is  crucial for TV marketers’ efforts, also benefits from social media messaging for  young viewers. More than one-third of Net users 18-34 and 15-17 say they  discover new shows through social media at least occasionally, compared to 19%  for those 35 and older.
Plus, 42% of viewers 15-17, 29% of 18-34s and 15%  of those 35+ say social media helps them remember to tune into  shows.

(Source: MediaPost)

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