World’s first Twitter-themed hotel


It was probably only a matter of time; a hotel in Majorca is claiming that it is the world’s first Twitter-themed hotel allowing guests to interact with each other and to make requests about practically every aspect of the hotel via Twitter during their stay. Opened just over a year ago, Sol Wave House hotel is located on Majorca’s Magaluf Beach and has a virtual community called #SocialWave which is managed by the hotel 24/7. Using the SocialWave hashtag, guests can tweet to each other through a specially designed web app which is only available via the hotel’s Wi-Fi. As part of their stay, guests are encouraged to share pictures and private messages with each other and even to exchange what the hotel has labeled “virtual kisses”. In order to encourage guest interaction, the owners have placed hashtag names and numbers all around the hotel in locations. For example every poolside Bali bed at the hotel has its own and very visible hashtag, such as #Balibed1, #Balibed2, etc. so that guests can tweet each other based on their location or in case they want to tweet the hotel bar to order a Dry Martini or the hotel kitchen to make them up a BLT sandwich with all the trimmings.

Other Twitter-themed activities on offer to guests staying at the hotel include a #TwitterPoolParty which the hotel organises every Friday evening. The hotel also offers Twitter-themed rooms in the form of #TwitterPartySuites which can accommodate up to four people and are stocked with Twitter-blue coloured champagne, balloons and candles. The suites also contain a mirror with a mustache sticker in the middle of it so that guests can take funny photos and tweet to other guests. There’s no need to phone reception for an extra pillow or an early wake-up call as the hotel can answer all such requests sent via Twitter.

Sol Wave Hotel

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