Twitter is good for TV, but TV is better for Twitter

Social TV Twitter influenceA new study by Nielsen into the two-way relationship that exists between Twitter usage and television viewing has found that conversations on Twitter about a TV programme can help to boost viewing levels for the particular programme and vice versa that a TV programme can also help increase Twitter activity. While the research found a definite correlation between Tweeting and television viewing, the benefit was more in favour of increasing Twitter activity than increasing Television viewing.

Nielsen’s findings discovered that discussions on Twitter boosted ratings in 29% of TV shows, and that reality based TV  shows (44% boost) performed the best in all categories, while drama based TV shows  (18%) achieved the lowest impact.

Conversely, TV shows with high ratings caused a spike in tweets 48% of time, suggesting that a popular show’s existing audience is more likely to be talking about that show on Twitter, and at high volume, as opposed to their chatter encouraging new fans to tune-in.



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