Study shows higher interaction for online TV ads.

According to Nielsen Media Research, just under a quarter of Irish viewers claim to have watched TV content via a second device such as a laptop, personal computer, tablet or mobile phone at some time or another. At 19%, laptops are the favoured device used. Ipad-TV-A4Although television viewing via second devices accounts for a relatively small share of total television content viewing, a new study from America suggests that viewers have a higher interaction with TV commercials when they are watched on a device other than a traditional television set.

In a survey showing 59% of U.S. commercial-watching viewers “having some degree of likelihood to act on a commercial they watch,” the best results come when watching on a computer — some 29%, according to research from Viamedia, a cable sales representative company, produced from a Harris Interactive poll from June 24 to 26 of this year. Television was next at 24%, followed by smartphones at 21%, tablets with 21%, and smart TV at 4%.

The survey was conducted online in the U.S. by Harris Interactive from June 24-26 among 2,029 adults ages 18 and older, of whom 1,958 watch TV programming.

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