TV viewers are wary of devices that watch them.

Watching TV beertelly-2-630x433One of the main caveats of conducting any form of consumer research is to not let the acual research process influence the behaviour of the consumer. In an ever-changing and hugely dynamic marketplace, market researchers are constantly introducing new technologies and devices in order to monitor and better understand consumer behaviour. In most research cases, new measurement technologies and devices are to be welcomed; however a new study from America says that consumers are uncomfortable with some new technologies, particularly those technologies where a camera or a sensing device is used to observe them watching TV.

 According to the study which was conducted by the Boston based company – Strategy Analytics:

  • 43% of people would either never allow a camera or sensing device to be connected to their TV as they are not convinced that such technologies would be beneficial.
  • However, 14% of people surveyed had the opposite opinion, stating that they were okay with their TV viewing behaviour being observed.   
  • 20% of people were in between, with some reservations.

The study noted that many TV sets/technologies now have cameras and sensing devices, including Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect, which can detect movements of users for games and other applications. Looking at particular segments, the study found the most negative sentiments came from older, female and lower-income consumers.

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