Meaningful brands beat the Stock Market by 120%

BrandsConsumers don’t buy products, they buy brands and according to findings from a new study by the French media buying company Havas Media Group, brands that are the most meaningful to individuals and communities make the most money. As part of the study, Havas surveyed over 130,000 consumers from around the world asking them various probing questions on how 700 global brands impact on their daily lives. Brands were measured in terms of well-being, including health, happiness, financial stability, relationships, community and others. Havas took the top 25 most meaningful brands in the world and compared their performance against the stock market performance and reported that the top 25 brands outperformed the stock market index by 120% and was on a par with the top performing hedge funds. A somewhat interesting finding was that a majority of consumers surveyed said that they wouldn’t care if 73% of brands disappeared tomorrow.

Some other main findings from the study include:

  • Just 20% of brands worldwide are seen as to meaningfully impact on people’s lives.
  • Google was considered to be the most meaningful brand in the world.
  • Retail was viewed as the most meaningful sector.
  • 54% don’t trust brands.

 The infographic below lists the top 10 brands and highlights the connection between brand strength and revenue.

Havas Brand Meaningful Index study

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One Response to Meaningful brands beat the Stock Market by 120%

  1. Shiva says:

    Oh Apple is not in top 10 Brands ?

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