Study: Internet radio delivers young affluent listeners.

A new study by the global media company Group M highlights some of the key differences which exist between broadcast and internet radio listeners. The study was conductedlisten amongst 1,000 radio listeners in the United States in order to research the growth of radio and how internet and broadcast radio works in tandem.  

Some of the key findings from the study show that:

  • Internet radio users tend to be younger and more affluent.
  • Internet radio listeners are less likely to try and avoid advertisements.
  • Internet radio listeners are twice as likely to purchase something which they have heard promoted in an advertisement.
  • Internet radio is developing new marketplaces for audio advertising which were not attainable via traditional broadcast radio.

The study comes to some very strong positive conclusions about both Internet radio and the future of audio, pointing out that we are in the middle of a major shift in the way that music is delivered. Concluding that the greatest opportunity for brands lies with Internet radio services such as Pandora and iHeartradio, the research emphatically concludes that a ”continuously growing user base, a swell of compatible devices and a consumer that is both receptive and responsive to advertising makes Internet radio a compelling marketplace to reach consumers”.

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