UK television ratings body to track online viewing across all devices.

Ipad-TV-A4The Broadcasters Audience Research Board (BARB) who are the organisation responsible for the compilation of audience measurement and television ratings in the UK have just announced that they are to measure all TV viewing across multiple devices from this August onwards. The move is a first for BARB and will see the body provide the first official measurement of viewers who are streaming or downloading TV across devices such as smartphones and tablets. BARB already tracks the level of television viewing on computers in 700 panel homes.

BARB will track audiences who watch television on their smartphones and tablets by using metadata tags and have appointed Kantar Media to collect the device data. BARB currently has around 5,100 homes in the UK which contain a box on top of their TV set and which tracks the TV programmes which they watch.

Irish TAM is the body responsible for overseeing television audience measurement here in Ireland and according to findings from a recent Irish TAM survey some 23% of Irish viewers claim to have watched TV content via a second device at some time, with 4% watching via mobile (2%) and tablets (2%)


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