Shoe shop hijacks customers with clever digital promotion.

A shoe shop in Guatemala showed how digital marketing can be used in a highly targeted and innovative manner to fight off competition while increasing sales at the same time. Meat Pack is a über trendy shoe store in Guatemala who are known for their edgy cutting style and unique approach to offering discounts to their customers.

The store was looking to launch a new promotion which fitted in with their edgy image and which also lived up to the expectations of their customers. Meat Pack came up with a very innovative way for customers to earn discounts in the store. A digital promotion named “Hijack” was devised, which was an enhancement of the Meat Pack mobile App already used by customers. Using GPS tracking technology Meat Pack were able to mark every competitor store in a shopping centre so that every time a Meat Pack customer entered a competitor store a special promotional alert would be triggered and sent to the customer’s mobile phone. In effect customers were hijacked by Meat Pack with a promotional discount. The promotional discount started at 99% and decreased by 1% for every second that passed. The countdown discount automatically stopped when the customer reached a nearby Meat Pack store in the shopping centre. The promotion was a huge success for Meat Pack with over 600 customers hijacked from competitors during a single week, with one very fast customer managing to obtain a record-breaking 89% discount through the promotion.

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