Tablets help to increase TV viewing

TV dual-screenThe general held perception amongst most people is that television viewing is on the decline as people spend more and more time on their digital media devices such as tablets and smartphones. However the reality is somewhat different, with several research studies indicating that many people are actually consuming more, not less TV by using their tablets in tandem with their television viewing.

A recent global study by BBC World News and found that second screening for news is fast becoming commonplace with a finding that 43% of tablet owners claiming that they are now watching more TV than they did five years ago, with 83% using their tablets in tandem with their TV viewing.  The study measured news consumption amongst 3,600 people who were high income earners owning at least three devices including TVs, tablet, smartphone, laptop and desktop computer.  

The survey also found that, rather than taking media time away from each other, different platforms can work in a complementary way, allowing people to tailor their device usage throughout the day. Smartphone’s and laptops were most popular during the working day, with usage peaking at around 1pm. TV usage spiked from 5pm onwards, and at its peak time of 7pm TV use was 50% higher than for any other device.

 According to the research, TV still dominates overall usage, taking 42% of people’s news consumption time compared with laptops (29%), smartphones (18%) and tablets (10%).

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