Advertisers jump on Pope election bandwagon

One of the major trends of the current marketing era is the growing use of real-time marketing, where brands look to capitalise on an event or occasion as it’s actually taking place. Digital media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook have greatly facilitated the growth and use of real-time marketing as they allow brands to reach consumers while they are in situ or actively following an event or occasion as it is taking place. A prime example of real-time marketing in action was the recent Superbowl XLVII final which experienced a power failure throwing the stadium, game and fans into complete darkness. Some advertisers were quick off the mark to capitalise on the given situation with some real-time marketing messages. For example, Oreo cookies tweeted a photo message informing fans that they could still dunk their Oreo cookies in the dark.


The election of a new Pope is one of the few events in the world which can probably out trump a Superbowl final. Many thousands of people congregated in St.Peter’s Square yesterday to see the election of a new Pope and many millions more around the world were glued to their TV set waiting for white smoke to billow from the roof of the Sistine Chapel. poll-optimistic-pope-francis-230x150Some advertisers saw this situation as an ideal opportunity to promote their brand and created some clever contextual advertisements which were delivered to consumers in real-time. Anticipating a papal election announcement, the car manufacturer Citroen made the following video which they released yesterday afternoon via social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook & YouTube.

Citroen White Smoke

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