The do’s and the don’ts of Outdoor advertising

It’s estimated that the average person is bombarded by approximately 3,500 commercial messages each and every day. That’s a lot of advertising clutter for any one individual to take in and just like people who live beside train lines and who have managed to block out the noise of a passing train after hearing it for the 50th time, consumers in much the same way are ignoring noisy advertising messages which pass them by each day.

Against this backdrop it’s ever more important for marketers to make sure that their advertisement is the one which stands out from the proverbial clutter pack. The simple secret to getting noticed is to create powerful and impactful advertising which rises above the melee and ultimately connects with consumers. This may be easier said than done, but one medium which seems to be standing out from the pack by delivering on this approach in abundance is outdoor. The outdoor medium may be regarded as the oldest, but it is certainly not stuck in olden days or ways when it comes to facilitating those advertisers who want to showcase their messages in a creative, powerful and impactful manner. Some great examples of advertisers who have used conventional outdoor formats in unconventional ways in order to create impact include the following:


Ballet classes

Weight Watchers bus


Whilst there are no rules for imaginative and creative ideas on outdoor there are some basic do’s and don’ts which an advertiser should take into consideration when implementing an outdoor advertisement.

The Do’s:
• You should deliver your message not only in words; but also in pictures.
• Make sure that your brand name is visible at a long distance.
• Use strong, pure colors. Also use bright, contrasting, colors because your poster will be seen at different times of the day.
• Use attention getting phrases instead of complete sentences.
• Select easy to read type which can be seen / read from a distance.
• The background should enhance the message, not compete with it.
• Remember less is more when using outdoor advertising

The Don’ts:
• Don’t add additional messages that dilute the essence of the primary message.
• Don’t use more than 7 words or more then 3 elements.
• Don’t be confined by the boundaries of a frame. Extensions, etc. can greatly add to your design.
• Don’t put words or sentences stacked on top of each other.

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3 Responses to The do’s and the don’ts of Outdoor advertising

  1. tyler says:

    Some great examples here. Very creative. Less is more is one of the most important things to remember.

  2. All great advice and alot of which we adhere too, love the “up” example! nice and fun!

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