China launches “world’s fastest smartphone”

huawei-ascend-smartphonesThe Chinese have a bit of a reputation for manufacturing goods which are often smaller, faster and cheaper than existing products in the marketplace. The mobile phone industry is no exception to this, with the Chinese telecoms giant Huawei company recently launching a new smartphone which they claim is up to three times faster when using Wi-Fi than other smartphones currently on offer.

Headlining at the mobile phone industry’s annual gathering in Barcelona, Huawei presented its new Ascend P2 device to the trade. The new smartphone is designed to run on Google’s android software and connects to the web two or three times faster than other smartphones when using Wi-Fi which in effect allows users to download high-definition films in minutes and songs, videos and ebooks in just seconds.  

Sales figures for the recent Christmas period show that Huawei overtook Blackberry to become the world’s third largest smartphone maker in the world behind Samsung and Apple. The main driver for Huawei’s growth is that they are offering much less expensive but high-performing handsets to the market. Consumers will also be happy to learn that the new Huawei Ascend P2 has a big battery life which is more than what’s currently on offer from other smartphones in the marketplace.

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