Ferrari takes pole position as world’s most powerful brand

BrandsNo prizes for guessing that the tech giant Apple is considered to be the most valuable brand in the world, but did you know that Ferrari is ranked as the most powerful? The findings are revealed in the annual ranking of the world’s leading brands from Brand Finance who are the leading brand valuation consultancy in the world.

According to Brand Finance’s Global 500 Report 2012, Apple is the most valuable brand in the world at $87.3bn followed by Samsung who are valued at $58.8bn but are growing at a much faster rate per year than Apple. Google and Microsoft take third and fourth place, with valuations of $52.1bn and $45.5bn respectively. But their growth rates are less stellar than the top two brands. Google’s valuation was 10% up on a year earlier, while that of Microsoft showed a 1% decline. Another US brand, Walmart, the retailer, rounded out the top five with a valuation of $42.3%, a 10% rise on the previous year.

Perhaps the most surprising finding from the report was that the Italian sports car manufacturer, Ferrari is the regarded as the most powerful brand in the world even though it is valued at a ferrari-logorelatively small amount of just $3.6bn. Brand Finance calculate the power of a brand quite differently to the value of the brand by taking into account other financial metrics such as net margins, average revenue per customer, marketing and advertising spend as well as qualitative measures such as brand affection and loyalty. Taken together, Ferrari outperforms not only rival auto manufacturers BMW, VW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus and Audi but all brands worldwide.



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