10 ads that changed advertising

The following list of ten ads aren’t necessarily the best ever created (although most of them are very good), rather, they’re ads that changed the way the advertising industry thinks & works.

1. Gibbs SR / Gibbs / Young & Rubicam / 1955
Because it was the first ever ad on British TV

2. Think small / DDB / Volkswagen / 1962
Because it went against all the prior rules of how to sellvolkswagen_think_small

3. Hilltop / McCann Erickson / Coca-Cola / 1971
For the breathtaking appropriation of love and tolerance by a brand

4. Iguana / Collett Dickenson Pearce / Gallagher / 1978
Enigmantic, utterly compelling … opened up a new (and surreal) palette to advertisers

5. Labour Isn’t Working / Saatchi & Saatchi / The Conservative Party / 1979
Changed the way agencies (and political parties) thought about advertising foreverlabour isn't working saatchi

6. Manhattan / Saatchi & Saatchi / British Airways / 1983
The first ad to straddle the corporate/consumer divide

7. 1984 / Apple / Ogilvy & Mather / 1984
Demonstrated that impact can be more effective than exposure

8. Launderette / Bartle Bogle Hegarty / Levi’s / 1986
Changed the way advertising thought about music

9. Hello Boys / TBWA / Playtex / 1994
The moment when advertising realised what PR could do for a campaignwonderbra-hello-boys

10. BMWfilms.com / Fallon / BMW USA / 2001
Demonstrated that the internet was a viable alternative to television and, that if the content is good enough, viewers will seek it out.

(Source: Campaign)

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