Get busy with the fizzy…

People of a certain age will have fond memories of the advertising slogan “Get busy with the fizzy” which was made popular by the home carbonated beverage maker SodaStream during the 1970’s and 80’s. During this period, SodaStream appliances were found in practically every home in the country allowing users to carbonate their basic tap water along with concentrated syrups and flavourings in order to create fizzy flavoured soda drinks. At its height, SodaStream was in 40% of all Irish homes, but has since faded into the lexicon of nostalgic brands. The company behind SodaStream has just embarked on a global $18 million awareness campaign in an effort to revive the brand. The key message behind the new campaign is environmental in that with SodaStream a home can save having to use up to 2,000 plastic PET bottles and cans a year. A new TV commercial titled “The SodaStream Effect” promotes this message and contains the tag line: “If you love the bubbles set them free”. The campaign launches this week in many of SodaStream 45 global markets.   

You can view the new global TV commercial on the following link:

SodaStream global TV commercial – 2012

You can also view the original TV commercial used in the 1980’s on the following link:

SodaStream UK TV commercial – 1980

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