Radio is a silver lining for hurricane Sandy victims

It’s estimated that Hurricane Sandy will cost the American advertising industry approximately $500 million in lost revenue. A week on from the devastation caused by Sandy, almost 5 million households in the east coast of America are still without electricity. The lack of power means no tv, no internet and no mobile for many residents. Many people are feeling isolated in that they are too scared to venture outside their homes due to flooded roads, falling trees and windswept debris. However there is one silver media lining in an otherwise dark cloud – Radio.

Millions of residents from New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland and other eastern states are dusting down their old battery operated wireless radio sets in order to obtain up to date information on Hurricane Sandy and its fallout. The transmitter towers and other infrastructure for radio broadcasting was originally built to withstand hurricane-force winds and have generator back-ups for up to 10 day periods and is standing the test of time while other media outlets such as tv, internet and mobile are down.

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