Global smartphone users break 1 billion.

Five years after the launch of the first iPhone, the number of active smartphone users throughout the world has broken the 1 billion mark. 

According to new research from Strategy Analytics, the number of active user smartphones throughout the world is now 1.04 billion up from 708 million for the same time a year ago. 

It has taken 16 years for smartphones to reach the 1 billion mark. The Nokia Communicator, a device which was first launched in 1996, is generally regarded as the first smartphone to hit store shelves, paving the way for a host of other companies to follow suit.

During the early years, Nokia was the dominant force in smartphones which it held for over a decade until the arrival of Apple’s iPhone in 2007. In effect, the iPhone revolutionised smartphone design and it catalysed industry growth.

One in seven people around the world now owns a smartphone, according to an estimate by Strategy Analytics, which highlights that there is still huge capacity for further growth, particularly in emerging markets such as India, Africa and China. 

According to Strategy Analytics  “The first billion smartphones in use worldwide took 16 years to reach, but are forecasting that the next billion to be achieved in less than three years, by 2015.”

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