The Ten Types of Shopping Personalities

You can tell a lot about a person by the way they shop. Go to any store during the summer sales, and you’ll be able to point out who’s stingy, who’s uber-competitive, who’s generous, and who has a problem with self-control. In a way, going shopping with friends during the sale season is like taking them to an open bar. No matter how much you think you know about them, you’ll find out something new after a couple of hours of self-indulgence. And who knows, you might even find out something about yourself.

Here are 10 types of shopping personalities which you are likely to encounter during sales season – see if you can work out which one you are!

  1. 1.     The penny-pincher

Penny-pinchers are practical to a fault. They’ll hit up the sales, only to spend the entire day window-shopping. Even when faced with the chance to save 70 percent on a branded item, the penny-pincher will debate whether to ‘splurge’ on it or save an additional €20 on the generic version.

2.     The retail therapy addict

Unlike the penny-pincher, the retail therapy addict is far from pragmatic. Shopping isn’t a recreational activity – it’s a stress-buster. Like binge-eaters, who treat food as a coping mechanism rather than as a necessity, retail therapy addicts will funnel their salaries into hard-earned treats and rewards for their labour.

3. The generous one


Everybody needs at least one friend like this. Generous shoppers are, of course, people who treat the sales like they’re holiday shopping. This is the person who comes back from the shopping centre with a little extra something for their friends, be it a box of cupcakes, cute stationary, or a book. It’s not as if they’re buying gifts just to earn people’s affection; rather, they’re gifted with a keen eye for things they know that others would love.

4. The delusional cougar


Few things are more awkward than emerging from the dressing room at Forever 21 to see a middle-aged auntie trying on the same neon animal print dress as you. Sure, you could give her the benefit of the doubt and assume that she’s buying it for her similarly-sized daughter. Or like us, you could just make a conscious decision to stop wearing clothes for teenagers well before hitting menopause.

5. Economical shoppers


Economical shoppers are opportunists – when given a discount, they’ll leverage it to its full potential. They’ll buy three shirts in the same colour just to get one free. Even if they don’t cook, they’ll buy every other kitchen device advertised on Groupon just in case they need it in the future. And they’ll persevere through half an hour of digging through a sales bin just to find that one special item in their size.

6. The perks junkie


 You know how there are people who just attend parties for the food? Shopping perk junkies are those who loiter around stores just for the free air conditioning, for free perfume samples, or for the free food. These are the girls who walk into Sephora just to do their makeup, under the guise of trying new products.

7. The newbie/pro combination


Newbies are usually accompanied by pros, who act as makeover consultants while their dowdy friend buys her first set of lingerie, her first pair of high heels, or her first cocktail dress. You can usually tell who the pro is by the distinctive clucking sounds she makes when the newbie reveals that she hasn’t bought a new bra in three years, or when she requests that they stop at M&S for first-date wear.

8. The lucky ones


This person strikes gold wherever she goes. She’ll find the last dress in her size on the sales rack, and it will fit her perfectly. She’ll decide to hold off on a purchase, only for its price to be reduced an additional 10 percent the next day.

9. The name brand loyalists


This is the person who strolls around the mall saying things like, ‘Geez! I can’t believe people treat Coach like it is COUTURE. So middle-class!’ They wouldn’t be caught dead holding a non-branded bag, and perhaps may see sales season as ‘plebeian’ and buy designer goods at full-price just to demonstrate their wealth.

10. The narcissists


Narcissist shoppers are people who enter a dressing room with an armload of clothes purely to snap photos of themselves that they can share on Instagram later. The pros know how to silence their phone in the dressing room so it’s not so obvious, but the newbies use flash, talk loudly, and do everything to annoy those who are queuing up because they legitimately intend to buy something. Guys and gals, if you’re going to get snap-happy in the changing-room, buy at least one item to make it worth our time to wait for you.


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