TV viewers mainly use second screen for social activities.

  Woman watching TV while on computer

The ways and means by which we watch television has changed significantly over the last decade with many consumers now watching television in many different locations and over many different formats. However, perhaps the biggest change to occur in recent times is the growing phenomenon in the number of people engaging with second screens such as mobile phones, laptops and iPads while they are also watching TV.

Findings from a recent research study by Deloitte into the viewing habits of 2,000 UK adults reveal that 24% of viewers are now using companion devices while also watching TV. Perhaps not surprising, the research found that young people (aged 16-24yrs) in particular have a much higher tendency to participate in second screen activities.

According to the research nearly half of 16-24 year olds are using second screens (whilst watching TV) to engage in social media activities such as email, Twitter and Facebook and that only 10% are using second screens to browse the internet for information about the show which they are watching. This social dimension to second screen viewing is likely to have a greater impact on driving conversations about a particular programme than product, information or commercial activities.

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