A day in the life of Twitter

Did you know that 36% of all links shared on Twitter are images? As you might expect, YouTube is the number one video site on Twitter, accounting for 60% of all video links. The BBC is the top english language article website, but ranks second to Indonesia’s Detik.com worldwide.


Overall, English language websites are far and away the most popular shared links throughout the Twitter network, with more than two in three links pointing to sites written in that tongue.

This data comes courtesy of Diffbot, who analyzed 750,000 links posted to Twitter in order to answer three simple questions: what are we sharing, which sites are we using and what languages are being used?

Some 16% of links lead to articles, 9% video and just 8% link to a product. Perhaps most surprisingly, almost one in ten links shared on Twitter (7%) lead to a 404 error page.

Detik.com accounts for 12,000 links in every one million sent on Twitter. An amazing number, which is fifty per cent higher than the BBC, which leads Yahoo, The Huffington Post, Reuters, CNN and The Guardian amongst English article websites.

English language sites make up 68% of all links, with Japanese (7%), Spanish (4%) and Indonesian (2%) rounding out the top four.

Diffbot have summarised their findings in this revealing infographic, which takes a closer look at a day in the life of Twitter.

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